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WHY EmTech?

The Emerging Technologies M.S. is ideal for technology managers, analysts, researchers, developers, marketers, planners, procurement specialists, educators, journalists, regulators, and others seeking to improve their disruptive technology foresight, innovation, and strategy expertise.

Here are ten reasons you should consider EmTech:

  1. EmTech is the only technology foresight, innovation, and strategy (FIS) masters degree in the world. (See Singularity University for a non-degree granting program with a similar disruptive technology FIS focus).
  2. Top industry technology FIS academics and industry practitioners will teach you tools and techniques in disruptive technology foresight, innovation, and strategy.
  3. You will do a practical thesis, either solving an important technology foresight problem for an industry client (with an optional internship), or launching a new innovation venture as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur.
  4. You will work hard to gain current strategic insight and a five to ten year foresight horizon for technologies most likely to create opportunities and risks in your industry, for the client or application of your choice.
  5. You will benefit from UAT’s tech, maker, geek, and innovation culture and networks, since 1983. Join a growing network of EmTech foresight professionals, innovators, and strategists.
  6. You will take a balanced load of two courses per semester, one in the Technology track, one in the Methods and Thesis track. The program may be started in Spring, Summer, or Fall (three starts per year).
  7. Each EmTech course is offered on campus and online. Participate in person, live online, or asynchronously online, as best fits your schedule. Most take EmTech courses online, while working full-time.
  8. You will further your professional development: see what’s next, publish articles, present at conferences, build things, gain teamwork and leadership skills, advance your personal brand.
  9. An optional industry forecasting certificate exam, Certified Professional Forecaster, may be taken at the end of Year 1 or Year 2 for additional professional distinction.
  10. If you are seeking disruptive technology foresight, innovation, and strategy education, EmTech provides the greatest focus and best return on investment of any program you might consider. Do the comparison!

- Tuition is 30-40% higher than some alternative tech and foresight programs (see below).
- Tuition is 30-50% less than “Ivy” tech management programs (see below).

Alternative Educational Programs

The following masters programs have some curricular overlap with the EmTech MS. We provide them to highlight EmTech’s unique focus, and so that you may more easily consider some of the closest alternative educational options. Most programs have only a weak relation to EmTech, which is a unique and highly interdisciplinary program designed to give you disruptive technology foresight, innovation, and strategy expertise. If you are looking to improve your technology foresight and innovation competencies, and interface these with management and strategy functions in a range of organizations, EmTech is your degree.

Science and Technology

MA in Communication, Culture & Technology - Georgetown U.
A masters in engineering is available in all EmTech S&T subjects. Some offer narrow FIS expertise. Examples:
MS in Biomedical Engineering - University of Southern California
MS in Industrial Engineering - New Jersey Institute of Technology
MS in Telecommunications Engineering - University of Colorado, Boulder

Foresight and Forecasting

MA in Economic Forecasting - SUNY Albany.
MA in Strategic Foresight - Regent University
MS in Futures Studies in Commerce - U. of Houston
MS in Environmental Forecasting - Rochester Institute of Technology

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MBA in Entrepreneurship - Babson College.
MBA in Innovation Entrepreneurship - Northeastern University
MS in Managing Innovation and IT - Champlain College

Strategy and Management

MBA in Business Administration - Boston University.
MBA in Business Administration - University of Arizona
MBA in Sustainable Management - Presidio Graduate School
MBA in Technology Management - University of Washington
MS in Technology Management - Columbia University