This is the Hurlbut Visuals Camera Protocol explained.
A Mass Effect Fan Film: RED SAND

Serving as a prequel
to the MASS EFFECT game series,"Red Sand" is set 35 years before the time of Commander Shepard and tells the story of the discovery of ancient ruins on Mars.
21st Century audiences expect 21st Century content. This requires mastering and applying new technological solutions to the age-old challenge of storytelling in order to produce material with true contemporary relevance. UAT's Digital Video program prepares tomorrow’s content creators to deliver just that. The Digital Video program immerses students in leading-edge technologies and environments that are essential to today’s film, television, video production, newsgathering, animation, visual effects, gaming, web and interface design industries. Upon completion, students will possess the capability and insight to succeed in this dynamic medium.

See examples of student and faculty work at UAT-DV, the university's Vimeo channel,
and UAT Digital Video, UAT's digital video program blog.

See Professor Paul DeNigris' Movie Maker Magazine Interview.
Watch Paul's latest creative endeavor FALLOUT.
Establish and defend an artistic style within your work based on sound artistic theories, practices and knowledge.
Design and assemble pre-production materials to complement digital video works including screenplays, character descriptions and designs, storyboards and shot lists.
Collaborate with other students to produce complete digital video projects such as short fiction films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, animations, visual effects shots and more that exhibit professional quality in terms of camerawork, composition and lighting.
Integrate composite shots (either visual effects OR motion graphics) into complete works by employing industry-standard compositing tools and techniques to produce a digital VIDEO project that incorporates live-action video, textured and lit 3D environments, and animated or motion-captured CG characters.
Communicate stories and characters through acting, animation and/or motion capture.
Deliver digital video content to end users via multiple methods, such as DVD, Blu-Ray, Web video, handheld devices and more.
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Program Credits: 120
Major Credits: 36
Required for Graduation: 2.0 CGPA, Completed Required Coursework, Portfolio, Internship and Student Innovation Project
Normal timeframe in semesters to completion: 8
Percent of Students completing within normal timeframe: ****

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As a UAT student, you will study with a respected, industry-experienced faculty; innovators and creators who bring you real-world perspective and insights in your chosen field.

Get access to a broad range of experts who are driving the future of the technology and establishing the protocols in the discipline you have chosen to pursue.
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