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Master the Broad Scope of Technology and Its Evolution

The Technology Studies program draws from a foundation designed to guide students through key aspects of the history and application of technology in the context of entrepreneurship, management and innovation. Technology Studies students gain competitive lifelong skills in strategic thinking, information analysis, presentation and modern marketing. Students gain literacy in a variety of technologies in social contexts, to scan for and report on technological change, and to evaluate disruptive and emerging technologies with respect to often-conflicting values, agendas and policy proposals. Many paths are possible through this degree resulting in professionals capable of building strategic, entrepreneurial, policy and/or foresight competencies per the student’s preference. In turn, the degree is a foundation for a wide variety of careers, including marketing, management and entrepreneurial positions.

Degree Objectives

  • Identify and articulate historical, ethical, cultural, economic, business, military and political forces and consequences of technological development upon society.
  • Evaluate the uses and effects of technology in 21st-century civilization, including the social and economic opportunities and risks of disruptive technologies, and ethical and values-based frameworks for technology assessment and application.
  • Develop fluency in technology criticism and commentary, and familiarity with the historical settings of major technology figures and movements.
  • Develop an ability to report on and analyze creative and entrepreneurial processes of technological innovation, and conservative and political processes of technological sustainability in society.
  • Articulate the influence of new media and the Internet on society, and the ways information and communication technologies interact with professions such as education, medicine, business, law, environmental protection and remediation, nonprofit work, governance and the sciences.
  • Forecast the potential impacts of nascent and emerging technologies in ways the benefit organizations, governments and individuals.

Program Information

Course List and Program Requirements University Core Curriculum
Program Credits: 120
Major Credits: 36
Requirements to graduate include: 2.0 CGPA, completed required coursework, Portfolio, Internship, and Student Innovation Project
Normal timeframe in semesters to completion: 8

For a more detailed breakout of completion time frames and rates, please see the UAT FAST FACTS page.


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