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Creating the Evolution of Technology

Contemporary society has embraced and come to rely on technology, so much so that it is entrenched in our everyday lives. This shift toward technology that fully supports society has created the need for technology products to be designed to fit the everyday, busy lives of consumers. If a device does not mesh with a person's lifestyle, it will quickly become obsolete. In all capacities—whether for home, work or leisure use—gaining a firm grasp of what the consumer needs in these devices is essential to moving technology forward. Powerful mobile devices are increasingly replacing the functionality of larger, more cumbersome devices such as the PC. As this transition takes place, the need for intelligently designed products will continue to grow. Integrated devices and services in cars, homes and offices will interact with wearable devices to give the consumer a content-rich, context-driven experience. Designing, programming and building these devices will give students a firm grasp on the next generation of hardware devices and how these devices will shape the future of society.

Degree Objectives

  • Prototype and produce at least two original devices that allow interactions with at least two of the following: web, PC, mobile, handheld or next generation platforms, including all the production materials required in a complete production pipeline.
  • Create and implement interfaces and interactivity, focusing on accepted design principles and aesthetics utilizing industry-standard tools, software and production processes.
  • Analyze trends in small consumer devices and integrate these trends into the development of consumer technology devices that embrace the need for both form and function.
  • Design at least two concept original devices using design techniques and processes.
  • Evaluate standard design principles and incorporate them into multiple design projects.


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Program Information

Program Credits: 120
Major Credits: 36
Requirements to graduate include: 2.0 CGPA, completed required coursework, Portfolio, Internship, and Student Innovation Project
Normal timeframe in semesters to completion: 8

For a more detailed breakout of completion time frames and rates, please see the UAT FAST FACTS page.


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