This program is designed to create the next generation of "white hat" innovators. This Master’s program presents the most current tools and skills redefining security information technology today. This online or oncampus program offers ultimate flexibility -- study when and where your schedule best allows. And it transports you into the leading edge of the industry, supported 360 degrees by some of the most innovative figures in academia and business alike.
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UAT is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a Member of the North Central Association. Further information about The Higher Learning Commission may be obtained online at or by phone: (800) 621-7440 / (312) 263-0456.

UAT is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.


UAT IA Graduate Curriculum takes students through the materials for CNSS certifications 4011, 4012, 4013 and 4014.


UAT’s faculty is aware of the unique advantages and challenges its students face and is focused on sustaining an effective and supportive online environment for learning. During class sessions, instructors keep the lines of communication open with students, participate in discussion groups, and respond to student questions. They also respond to emails and discussion threads, so there is plenty of opportunity for interaction and exploration. Students may hand in their assignments via email or by posting them online.
As a UAT student you will have access to faculty members with past and/or present innovations in Information Assurance such as:
Diane Barrett
Diane Barrett
Professor teaching both on campus and online who has been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years. Diane has spent the last several years performing digital forensics in civil litigation cases and has published numerous works as a primary author focusing on information assurance, computer forensics, and network security. In addition, Diane has been a featured speaker at many industry events.
Russ Rogers
Russ Rogers
Professor teaching online who is a recognized security and information technology industry veteran. He has published a dozen different books on information security, been interviewed for CNN as a subject matter expert, and is published in multiple publications (print and media). His background includes experience at the National Security Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency, US Air Force, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, and other Federal and Department of Defense Agencies.
Greg Miles
Greg Mills
Professor teaching online who has been involved with the information and network security community since 1987, he is a recognized information assurance expert with four publications and numerous magazine articles. He has been a featured speaker at multiple information security conferences including TechnoSecurity, BlackHat, DEFCON, Information System Security Association, and Infragard. Greg has served in information security and technology positions with consulting, commercial, United States Federal Government and international organizations. Greg’s credentials include: Ph.D., CISSP, CISA, CISM.
Shelley Keating
Shelly Keating
Professor teaching both on campus and online specializing in Information Security and Assurance Technologies as well as Networking Infrastructure. She is also the technology editor of UAT's The Journal of Advancing Technology. Prior to becoming an instructor at UAT, she was a technical training manager and a corporate instructor.
Rober Chubbuck
Shelly Keating
Robert holds over 20 professional IT certifications and while being truly technologically skilled is also proud of the fact that he is an Eagle Scout. In his time when he is not teaching and working in the technology field, he has worked with numerous bands including Peter Gabriel, Pat Benetar, Cheap Trick, Public Enemy, and the Outfield.
David Thelen
Shelly Keating
Professor Thelen has substantial background and experience with information security from his deep background with the military as both as active serviceman and a civilian consultant. He has worked with General Dynamics and Department of the Army as well as the Air Force. Within this work, Professor Thelen has been a network administrator, information management officer, information assurance security officer and other positions that allowed him to garner expertise in applied information security.
Al Kelly
Al Kelly
Professor teaching both on campus and online who has been involved in the information security and assurance industry since the late 1980s and has worked in numerous information technology and security related positions throughout the world. A Professor at UAT since 2002, he has also delivered a variety of Microsoft certification courses while assigned to the Professional Development Center and courses in the Network Engineering and Security degree programs.
Kristy Westphal
Kristy Westphal
Associate Professor teaching on campus, she is a 17-year information technology professional with specific experience in the area of information assurance. She is currently employed as an Information Security Consultant at TSYS Acquiring Solutions, and before that as CISO of the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Skilled in troubleshooting and process analysis, her specific expertise in security areas includes forensics, operating system and network security, intrusion detection, incident handling, vulnerability analysis and policy development.
Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin
Associate Professor teaching online, he has 17 years of experience in Computer Science and Education. He has received multiple awards for his exemplary work in both military and civilian information assurance environments and has held positions from Police Officer to Chief Information Security Officer. He brings multiple perspectives and understanding to the classroom and enjoys engaging students.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams
Associate Professor, he is an information assurance professional with more than 20 years of experience in Privacy, Security and Compliance for IT. He has worked on issues of security and compliance around the world, and presented seminars on Security and Privacy nationally and internationally. As a thought leader in the Information Privacy and Security space, Mark tries to bridge the gap between technology and business.
Don Blumenthal
Mark Williams
Professor Bluementhal currently performs, in addition to his teaching, as a consultant and attorney in provate practice. He has served with the Federal Trade Commission and with the Bureau of Consumer Protection and has been an attorney and advisor on information and technology management.
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