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The University's Graduate Core Curriculum provides the foundation for information research and guides students toward their Graduate Innovation Project with practical application.


  • Research advancing technology topics
  • Develop the ability to forecast change in a technology-oriented environment
  • Utilize theoretical as well as applied knowledge in the discipline
  • Create and present a Graduate Innovation Project


MSC555 - Project Management
Credits: 3.00
Prerequisite(s): None
This course contains all the elements needed to successfully manage a creative project from conception to completion. Tools, communications, planning, resourcing the techniques for managing a successful project are all discussed and applied within the confines of the course. Students within the course will take part in project teams, managed by the professor, and will experience project management from the team perspective while learning the management role and expectations.
MSC680 - Innovation & Creation
Credits: 3.00
Prerequisite(s): None
This course covers the concepts of innovation from the creator's perspective. Concept or idea generation methods and tactics are explored and discussed. Evaluation of concepts for viability and feasibility will also be discussed. Students study trends in innovation and technology and look for emerging opportunities, using case study and other materials. Students within the course will experience a creation and evaluation process, preparing an idea and delivering a pitch of the concept.
MSC681 - Design & Production
Credits: 3.00
Prerequisite(s): MSC680
Within this course, students will experience a design and production process that takes a concept from the drawing board to prototyping and production. This class is about the "build". Students will explore a variety of design processes and utilize one to take their team project to an Alpha or prototype level. Students will then explore a variety of production options, analyzing and evaluating and finally presenting and defending their choice of production for their project.
MSC682 - Innovation and the Market
Credits: 3.00
Prerequisite(s): MSC680
Taking new products to the market can be the most challenging time for an innovator. This course is a combination of business considerations that all inoovators and entrepreneurs must understand in order to be successful. Topics explored and addressed within the course will include both entrepreneurial topics such as business
MSC683 - Continuing Project
Credits: 3.00
Prerequisite(s): MSC682
Continuing Project is designed for those students who, through no fault of their own, require additional time to complete their Innovation Project. Continuing Project may only be taken for credit twice.