This is the Hurlbut Visuals Camera Protocol explained.
A Mass Effect Fan Film: RED SAND

Serving as a prequel
to the MASS EFFECT game series,"Red Sand" is set 35 years before the time of Commander Shepard and tells the story of the discovery of ancient ruins on Mars.
UAT Digital Video students have opportunities to:
Work on the creation of real, award-winning videos/films
Work alongside industry-experienced, award-winning faculty
Be immersed in every aspect of video/film creation and post-production on your third day on campus, not your third year
Then, be mentored on a professional level in the one or two specialties they are most passionate about
Experience leading-edge professional work environments and extensive technology on campus
Green Screen Room
Motion Capture Studio
Editing/Recording Studio
Enter and win competitions in professional filmmaking and post-production categories
Work on projects that are challenging and offer a high degree of difficulty
Work in cross-discipline, collaborative teams
Utilize a post-production centric approach to develop productions and tell stories
Through immersive, hands-on experience with the same leading-edge technologies and environments that are used in the film, television, video production, news gathering, animation, visual effects, gaming, web and interface design industries, students will produce polished and professional completed works.

Students in the program rotate through different production and post-production roles and responsibilities each year, working as part of a team to create several finished projects. Students will work in professional environments with the same leading-edge tools and equipment found in industry, on-set and in post-production, to create real, award-winning films.

Even though it’s called “post-production,” that doesn’t mean it should ever be an afterthought. Planning for post should begin as soon as a script is finished in order to best execute every stage of the project’s development. To take this one step further, a writer who is familiar with post-production can actually write a script that is designed to take advantage of animation, compositing, color correction, sound manipulation, and the other post-production tools and techniques to tell a story that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Because they are learning to integrate post-production tools into every step of their creative process, UAT Digital Video students are able to expand the scope and scale of the stories they can tell well beyond those of traditional film students. While other film students are writing scene after scene of two actors talking in an apartment, UAT DV student crews have fought battles in the apocalyptic future, flown among the clouds, hunted renegade androids in the desert wasteland, mined for uranium beneath the earth, staged shootouts in the Old West, and even taken a DeLorean back to the future. For all their differences, these stories have one common thread – they were only possible because of the technology used to bring them to life!

Throughout the program, students will be guided through the process of producing completed works which will contribute towards a professional portfolio. Upon graduating from the program, students will have the skill and knowledge required to start a career in digital video and animation production.