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Bachelor of Art

Digital Media Degree

Mastering the Art of Digital Design

Digital Media is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary program that provides for the aesthetic, critical and technical perspectives vital for professional careers in contemporary art and design practice. A diverse curriculum is presented, emphasizing aesthetic sensibility, programming literacy, creative expression and technical problem solving across a broad range of digital and physical forms of media communication. Starting with a solid foundation in traditional and digital arts, design, computer programming and interactivity, the program promotes the creation of innovative works that transform the way we communicate. Fostering experimentation, students will explore directions in visual communication design, interface and web design, augmented reality, and responsive and interactive experiences.

Digital Media Degree Objectives (BA)

  • Display and defend an artistic style within their work based on sound visual literacy and practice, supported by an artist's statement and process documentation.
  • Create examples of dynamic, kinetic and generative design work through audio, video, animation, robotics, sculpture, mobiles or process-based art.
  • Produce multimedia based and multi-modal interactive design projects.
  • Create static digital artworks that employ sound design principles.
  • Design, facilitate and document at least one multidisciplinary and collaborative project.

Program Information

Program Credits: 120
Major Credits: 36
Semesters to completion: 8
Requirements to graduate include a 2.0 CGPA, completed required coursework, Portfolio, Internship,
and Student Innovation Project.
For a more detailed breakout of completion time frames and rates, please see the UAT FAST FACTS page.


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